Saab has solution for realistic training of Malaysia’s defence personnel

In an interview ahead of DSA 2016, Neil Patrick – Director of Marketing at Land Systems, Saab Asia Pacific, speaks to us about Saab’s solutions in the domain of training and simulation and how it can benefit Malaysian Armed Forces.

Q. How can Saab contribute to better training and preparedness of Malaysia’s defence personnel?

Saab has a broad portfolio of Training & Simulation systems that are highly relevant to the Malaysian environment. The Saab Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) is a highly realistic virtual shooting simulator that enables personnel to practice and hone shooting skills on a simulated live firing range or an operational area, using replica or appended weapons that accurately simulate ballistic performance and recoil. The system has a simulated performance that matches range and field environments. SAVIT can be used to train a range of weapons from pistols, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, anti-tank weapons, mortars and Stinger antiaircraft like weapons.

We design our Training weapons on specific customer requirements either as modified originals or full replicas, and maintain the physical size and shape, weight & balance, and closely simulate the recoil.

Q. Is Saab systems for virtual training extendable to armoured columns? Does the trainee get a real simulation?

The answer is a definite yes! There are custom solutions available for such needs of the Malaysian military. We have sold more than 7000 units of our BT46 Main Battle Tank Crew Trainer globally.It is a world class preci­sion gunnery and ‘force on force’ combat training facility. The MBT Crew Trainer takes the crew as close to live fire as they can get. The trainer allows training in all tank op­erational modes including “emergency mode” where the gunner manually ro­tates and elevates the gun, and must use the auxiliary sight and the “emergency firing switch”. The loader has to “load” the correct ammunition and the commander supervises performance as in real com­bat.

Q. Can you enable the trainer to analyse the impact of such simulated training on the trainees?

Saab offers GAMER exercise control console that can be configured on a ruggedized laptop to monitor both small scale exercises and major Combat Training Centre establishments. This system enables exercise controllers to view the exercise in real time and to download data and exercise results for visualisation, analysis and performance review. Infact, our BT47 Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system can enhance the reality of training by accurately simulating weapon effects on troops undergoing training. The cornerstones of the TES system is  the Personal Detection Device (PDD), a man worn harness fitted with laser detectors, and the Small Arms Transmitter (SAT) that emits a laser upon firing of the weapon.

Q. What do you offer for enhancing the competencies of infantry for close quarter combats?

We are willing to bring to Malaysia our Force on Target Training System, also referred to as ”Targetry”, that can support training for Infantry, Armour and Combined forces training.  The targetry range system is intended to be used to train and test crews and dismounted infantry squads on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry and armor targets in a tactical array.

Q. Urban warfare is a reality. More often than not, forces have to move from open terrain into constructed areas. How can Malaysian soldiers be better trained for such eventualities?

Saab’s Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation is a perfect solution for such scenario building and enhanced training.  ATES is a scalable, agile, and rugged training system for realistic simulation of all “force on force” tactical scenarios with all weather and all terrain capability. It is the only tactical training simulation system that allows seamless transition of exercise from open terrain into built up area and inside pre planned mapped and instrumented buildings in day/night scenario. ATES is a complete instrumented training system that can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Definitely, such exposure can add an unbeatable edge to Malaysia’s defence preparedness.