Malaysia can ensure effective and efficient communication with Saab TactiCall

Malaysia  is one of the global hotspots for exploration and production of hydro-carbon assets. With increasing focus of the Malaysian energy sector on marginal fields, offshore deep water fields and remote fields, there is a pressing need for communication connectivity securing seamless operations and security for production assets. It is critical for Malaysia to have a single interface that can tap into all systems and resources as multiple players operating on different radio frequencies and hardware can be a recipe for disaster.

Saab’s TactiCall integrated communication platform connects different communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware, thus eliminating the need for multiple, often bulky, user interfaces cluttering control rooms and reducing efficiency, overview and speed of operation. TactiCall is scalable from one to several operator positions or communication interfaces covering and connecting everything from small scale local networks to multisite communication infrastructures.

A number of countries are established Oil and Gas producers with upstream activities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand Vietnam and Philippines picking up. Myanmar and Cambodia, too, have become active while Malaysia and Indonesia are venturing into deep water and marginal fields. In most instances, these assets are based either offshore or in isolated, remote areas, requiring high connectivity to manage operations, deal with crises and share data. Given the security challenges posed by piracy, smuggling and terrorist activities, being able to connect with the nearest defence presence is also essential for security.

Since different players with vastly different hardware, radio bands and frequency are at play, it becomes critical to have a communication platform that seamlessly interfaces between different kinds of systems and communication channels. This is where Saab’s TactiCall makes up the centrepiece even in remote controlled setups from single radio to complete operations.

“Asia Pacific is an attractive market for us given the increasing focus on securing energy assets, control coastal and maritime operations and effectively cross connect both commercial and governmental parties in the region. We have put substantial effort into presenting the capabilities of the TactiCall to meet the Defence, Oil & Gas and Coastal Surveillance needs of Malaysia. The focus is on the entire spectrum of communication management requirements from military, coast guard and Oil & Gas sector”, says Lars Knoch Asmussen, Sales Director, Saab Critical Systems & Communication Solutions Business Area Support & Service.

TactiCall is completely platform independent, integrates third party equipment, legacy or new, protecting prior investments and prolonging the lifespan of older systems enabeling gradual migration to the newest technologies when needed. TactiCall provides an intuitive and modern user interface for fast, secure and reliable operations within crisis management and daily operations alike.