Meet the Maritime Explosives Diffuser – Double Eagle SAROV

At DEFEXPO 2016, Saab has many products on display, and one of them, the Double Eagle SAROV, will be presented on site by Thomas Ljungqvist from Saab´s Business Unit Underwater Systems. Double Eagle SAROV detects, classifies and disposes of maritime explosives.

We spoke to Thomas Ljungqvist, Sales Director, Weapons and Sensors, Saab, and asked him about his expectations from the event.

Thomas, can you please tell us more about the Double Eagle SAROV that’s on display at this year’s DEFEXPO exhibition?

The Double Eagle SAROV takes the next step in Mine Countermeasure Operations, being a hybrid between an ROV and an AUV. This means that the user will be able to use the system either attached to the ship with a cable, with endless endurance, or as an AUV powered via the vehicle’s battery. Since the SAROV is able to un-hook and re-hook under the surface, the user will have the freedom of moment using the system. SAROV has the ability to do all kinds of MCM operations autonomously, from detection to disposal.

What makes the SAROV the ideal mine warfare system for countries in the region?

The Double Eagle SAROV already has a large user group around the world’s Navies, and is well proven in MCM operations. Due to its modularity and agility, it will be the perfect MCM tool for any Navy that operates over large areas.

How you would describe the interest today on the market for products like the Double Eagle SAROV?

As the MCM community (both on land and at sea) strives to keep the man out of the minefield, unmanned systems are of great interest. The Double Eagle SAROV will support this method of dealing with a modern mine threat, and will enlarge the safe distance between the ship and the threat. Mine clearance operations are time-consuming and demanding for any Navy to conduct. Since the operator can use the vehicle in manual, semi-manual or in fully autonomous mode, the Double Eagle SAROV will support the operator and the endurance of the operation.

What are your expectations for this year´s DEFEXPO? Anything particular you´re looking forward to?

First of all, it is very interesting to visit a region and a country like India, which is expanding and enhancing its defence capability. I look forward to meeting customers, suppliers and business partners within the naval defence community.

Secondly, I look forward to see the reaction and the interest in our thinking edge, first class Double Eagle SAROV.