Barracuda – A History of Make in India

Modern warfare continually evolves. On today’s high-tech battlefield, sensors are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it ever more challenging for military forces to avoid detection and identification. Through signature management and advanced camouflage, forces can remain undetected for longer, enabling them to prevent or delay engagement with the enemy and significantly improve their survivability and operational capability.

At DEFEXPO 2016 we are showcasing some of the latest advanced camouflage systems available on the market. The knowledge and experience within our Business Unit Barracuda makes Saab today a world leading supplier of camouflage solutions. 


Long History of Being In India

Since 1957, Saab Barracuda has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative advanced camouflage systems for military applications. This has provided us with invaluable industry insight that has enabled us to create an extensive portfolio of battle-proven products. 

Currently our products are in service across 60 countries. Saab Barracuda has had a significant presence in India over the years and through its Indian subsidiary, Barracuda Camouflage (P) Limited, located in Gurgaon, has equipped different strategic defence programs with Saab Barracuda multi-spectral camouflage nets and Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) for many years. The solutions provided by Barracuda suits the Indian Armed Forces very well according to Naresh Ummat, Managing Director, Barracuda Camouflage (P) Limited (BCL).


Under Cover, In Control

Through signature management and advanced camouflage, forces can remain undetected for longer, enabling them to prevent or delay engagement with the enemy and significantly improve their survivability and operational capability. At Saab Barracuda, our thinking edge combines market-leading signature management expertise, extensive industry experience, and a flexible approach to product development to create Advanced Camouflage Systems that put you in control. 

Every terrain and battlefield scenario requires a different type of camouflage system. Saab Barracuda has a bank of over 3000 color combinations based on its experience in various countries and in India. We work closely with customers to understand individual requirements, performing on-site colour tests to produce unique, tailored solutions. From desert and stone, to tropical forests and snow-covered mountains, we have the capability to create products for any environment.


The Stand Out Choice For Blending In

Saab Barracuda are experts in signature management and the in-house capabilities, technical knowledge and dedication to R&D means that we are always at the forefront of technology. 

The sophisticated sensors used in modern warfare pose a great threat to forces. Technology is developing at such a rate that we must continuously be aware of the latest sensor capabilities. Saab Barracuda’s Advanced Camouflage Systems provide multispectral protection by reducing an object’s signature across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. 

“In order to protect soldiers from these threats, our products consist of multiple layers of material. Each layer is coated with paints and glosses with different signature management properties, providing protection from a range of sensor threats. For example, our force integrated systems comprise many products that together provide the capability to move and hide as and when you need to. The ULCAS net is lightweight, easy-to-use and it can be erected quickly to cover a vehicle or to create a base camp or operation post for soldiers to work in. These kind of nets can be designed according to specific signature management requirements depending on the terrain, and our 3D and reversible variations ensure coverage even in rapidly changing environments,” says Naresh.


Go The Full Distance 

Indian army recognises Barracuda characteristics for effective camouflage in battlefield deployment. The induction program for Multi-Spectral Camouflage Nets into the Indian Army has just taken off. This may run for five to six years to replace old jute nets & thereby provide much needed camouflage protection to various high value assets. Barracuda sees a large potential for MCS & synthetic nets not only with the Indian Army but with Indian Air Force also. New programs for air defence have shown preference for Barracuda range of products. 

“Holding hands with local industry partners from design stage till delivery of future programs has long term business benefits for Barracuda alike. Barracuda is implementing long term plans to meet `Make in India’ objectives. Investments are lined up & projections for indicated volumes justifies Barracuda’s thrust to be a supply hub for Indian Armed Forces with a local manufacturing facility at par with the best in the world”, says Naresh Ummat. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Saab Barracuda’s world leading technology, please visit Saab’s stand at Defexpo 2016, March 28-31.