BAMSE SRSAM – An Air Defence System with Unique Capabilities

In February 2016 Saab announced plans for a Joint Venture company In India together with the Indian company Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd (KSSL) for production and delivery of air defence systems to India. One of the systems is the BAMSE SRSAM missile system.

The BAMSE SRSAM system is one of few systems in the world today that is developed and optimized as a dedicated Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) missile system. It is an all-weather operational Automatic Command-to-Line-of-Sight (ACLOS) missile system with unjammable missile guidance. It is designed for flexible usage both for stand-alone operations as well as in a network with other sensors and weapon systems.

System configuration

A BAMSE SRSAM system consists of a set of missile launchers and BAMSE Missile Control Centres (MCC), co-ordinated by a GIRAFFE AMB multi-mission surveillance system, acting both as radar sensor and C4I unit. A basic battery configuration including one GIRAFFE AMB and four BAMSE MCCs, provides ground coverage of more than 2,100 km2 and an effective altitude coverage of up to 15,000 m towards all types of aerial threats, from small, high velocity anti-radiation missiles to large, low-speed bomber aircraft.

The missile system meets the demands for tactical flexibility, e.g. high mobility on and off road by having all system units integrated on 8x8 HMVs. Deployment time is very quick – in less than 10 minutes, the complete battery is coordinated and ready for combat. Each BAMSE MCC is equipped with six ready-to-fire missiles. Reloading is performed manually and is handled by only three men without the need of any special equipment or cranes. The time for reloading all six missiles is less than 5 minutes.

The system is designed to be user friendly and easy to operate. Furthermore it is easy to maintain, resulting in low Life Cycle Cost and high availability.

“The BAMSE SRSAM system is a high precision system which can engage and defeat cruise missiles and small targets like UAVs even at long range. The system has a very short reaction time; it is just a matter of seconds from first detection in the GIRAFFE AMB until the missile is in the air. Furthermore, the system remains unaffected by countermeasures such as flares, chaffs and others”, says Jan Widerström, Country Head and Chairman, Saab India Technologies Pvt Ltd

CLOS: The modern way of thinking compared to Homing Guidance

Modern fighter aircraft and helicopters are usually equipped with missile warning systems and corresponding countermeasures. As soon as the aircraft gets a warning that it is engaged by a missile it will start to manoeuver, use flares or other countermeasures. The aircraft will manoeuver as much as possible - for a modern jet aircraft this can be as much as 9-10g. 

The BAMSE missile is able to counter highly manoeuvrable jinking targets. This is a clear advantage compared to homing missiles which can make a few heavy manoeuvres before losing their performance. While a homing missile has to manoeuver 3-4 times as much as the target, the BAMSE missile never manoeuvers more than the target does due to its ACLOS guidance principle. A target can therefore outmanoeuvre a homing missile but never the BAMSE missile.


Joint Venture with Kalyani Group to be set up for SRSAM and VSHORAD

As part of the JV with KSSL, the production for air defence systems in India will comprise of subsystems and systems for SRSAM and VSHORAD, with the aim to transfer production as well as development knowledge to India. 

“I am glad to announce our contribution to Make in India through our agreement with KSSL and the Kalyani Group to establish a joint venture company in India for the Air Defence Programmes. The JV is already under preparation within both companies, and will be ready to launch soon”, says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab business area Dynamics.

To secure production quality, orders of missile parts have already been issued to KSSL and production-readiness reviews are ongoing. Saab and KSSL are already planning for the technology transfer for different packages within the programmes.

“The joint venture company will combine Saab's knowledge and experience as a developer and supplier of high-technology radar and missile systems, with the engineering excellence and manufacturing capabilities of the Kalyani Group. The joint venture will create a global supplier in the area of Ground Based Air Defence Systems based in India”, says Amit Kalyani, Executive Director at Kalyani Group.