• deployment

    which Gripen was designed, led Saab to make the fighter as efficient as possible.
    A fundamental aspect of this approach is Gripen's modular and open avionics.


    GRIPEN M. IN BRIEF KEY DATA. Length overall. 15.2 m. Width
    overall. 8.6 m. Max thrust. 98 kN. Max speed at sea level. > 1400 km/h.


    GRIPEN E. IN BRIEF. Gripen is at the forefront of the global fighter market. Gripen
    has been chosen by air forces on four continents, with increasing interest in.

  • PS-05/A Fighter Radar

    The PS-05/A Mk4 is the most recent development of the renowned PS-05/A radar
    , originally developed for the Gripen fighter. Through continuous spiral.

  • Gripen Industrial Co-operation (PDF, 348 KB)

    ed defense systems such as Gripen represent significant commitments for any
    nation and we view our offset 'obligations' as an oppor- tunity to provide our ...

  • Gripen – the smart fighter by Ulf Nilsson, Head of BA Aeronautics

    24 April 2015. INTERIM REPORT. JANUARY-MARCH 2015. Ulf Nilsson. Head of
    Aeronautics. 13 May 2015. GRIPEN. THE SMART FIGHTER ...

  • Gripen – advanced WEAPONS FLEXIBILITY

    Gripen – advanced. WEAPONS FLEXIBILITY. Feedback from recent conflicts has
    confirmed that operational requirements are changing. Users of airborne ...

  • Saab details progress on the Gripen NG Programme at LAAD 2017

    ... its Gripen NG Programme for Brazil. The new developments included an
    announcement on the first aircraft for the Brazilian Air. Force and that ...

  • News from Saab

    ... advances, Gripen is now the world's first and only combat aircraft to be
    operational with the MBDA Meteor BVRAAM missile. Saab, the Swedish ...

  • The Gripen Mission (PDF, 4 MB)

    Gripen is the first multi-role/swing-role latest generation fighter to enter service.
    You've already heard about its combat effectiveness, mission flexibility,.