• deployment

    development of new functions to meet future needs. Gripen NG embodies Saab's
    thinking edge by bringing together performance, cost-efficiency and industrial.

  • Whatever your past the future is Gripen (PDF, 1 MB)

    THE FUTURE IS GRIPEN. By selecting Gripen to equip your air force, you are
    acquiring the most capable cost-effective, new generation, true multi-role fighter ...


    GRIPEN M. IN BRIEF KEY DATA. Length overall. 15.2 m. Width
    overall. 8.6 m. Max thrust. 98 kN. Max speed at sea level. > 1400 km/h.

  • Gripen E fact sheet

    GRIPEN E. IN BRIEF. Gripen is at the forefront of the global fighter market. Gripen
    has been chosen by air forces on four continents, with increasing interest in.

  • PS-05/A Fighter Radar

    The PS-05/A Mk4 is the most recent development of the renowned PS-05/A radar
    , originally developed for the Gripen fighter. Through continuous spiral.

  • Gripen – the smart fighter by Ulf Nilsson, Head of BA Aeronautics

    24 April 2015. INTERIM REPORT. JANUARY-MARCH 2015. Ulf Nilsson. Head of
    Aeronautics. 13 May 2015. GRIPEN. THE SMART FIGHTER ...

  • Industrial Co-operation with Gripen (PDF, 348 KB)

    ed defense systems such as Gripen represent significant commitments for any
    nation and we view our offset 'obligations' as an oppor- tunity to provide our ...

  • Gripen – advanced WEAPONS FLEXIBILITY

    Gripen – advanced. WEAPONS FLEXIBILITY. Feedback from recent conflicts has
    confirmed that operational requirements are changing. Users of airborne ...

  • The Gripen Mission (PDF, 4 MB)

    Gripen is the first multi-role/swing-role latest generation fighter to enter service.
    You've already heard about its combat effectiveness, mission flexibility,.


    ... During Q1 2012, FMV (the. Swedish Defence Materiel Ad- ministration) placed an
    order for maintenance and updating work for Gripen C/D and ...