TactiCall TETRA Critical Communication over IP LAN/WAN


TactiCall TETRA enables operators to handle critical communications over an IP LAN/ WAN network infrastructure directly from the TactiCall interface.

Operators can manage single or multiple talk groups, patching, selecting and deselecting talk groups through the same interface and rapidly connect to users in the field. All depending on operational requirements, on a case to case basis, TETRA can be integrated in two ways. Either using the standard TETRA terminal interface or a direct line interface to the TETRA switch.


TactiCall TETRA integration using the standardised TETRA Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI) and TETRA terminals for an “over the air” interface.


Using the PEI interface does not require expensive infrastructure line connectivity. This standard interface solution is independent of the TETRA infrastructure provider. Furthermore, the “over the air” TETRA integration is ideal for mobile and deployable TactiCall sites.


The advanced TactiCall integration, using the TETRA provider’s proprietary line interface for high capacity TETRA operations and increased management functionality. Using a direct line to the TETRA switch reduces the burden on the air interface and facilitates communication on multiple talk groups simultaneously.