i-TWR The Ideal Air-Traffic Controller Working Position



i-TWR is the result of a vision to provide a modern integrated air-traffic tower solution. Today's reality is that control towers are often cluttered with a large number of displays, controls and indicators. The equipment is static and controllers' must adapt to the environment.

Our idea is that if the system were flexible enough, it could adapt to the specific needs of the operator.


The working environment would then be much improved regarding ergonomics and efficiency, and this is exactly what i-TWR provides. The i-TWR concept covers a complete working position for air-traffic controllers.

All in one, one for all

In order to deliver a complete tower solution, i-TWR emphasises a flexible integration of different systems into shared displays.


Standardised, role-based and adaptable

The i-TWR provides an adaptable and role-based standardised controller-working position and a standardised tower interface.

Special benefits of Saab's i-TWR

  • increases the air-traffic controller's situational awareness.
  • provides an ergonomic working position for air-traffic controllers.
  • has a standardised working position.
  • has built-in redundancy.
  • reduces the maintenance costs.
  • is flexible – new functionality can easily can be integrated.