A-SMGCS A3000 Airport safety and efficiency under all conditions


Saab’s A3000 Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (A-SMGCS) is the most widely deployed airport surface safety system.

Based on years of experience and refinements from over 40 world-wide deployments, the A3000 provides precise situational awareness and advanced conflict-detection and alerting capabilities that improve runway safety at many of the world’s busiest airports.

Saab can integrate other advanced air traffic control systems—such as Saab e-Strips—with the A3000 to improve controller efficiencies.

The A3000: Level 2 A-SMGCS system was first designed and manufactured by HITT over twenty years ago and is now deployed at more than 40 airports throughout the world. The A3000 has a long track record of integration with different airport systems such as e-Strips and data interfaces.

A-SMGCS are directly addressing airport surface safety and situational awareness for air traffic controllers. This is achieved by using multiple surveillance sources that address limitations of an SMR-only solution (such as operation in rain, fog and snow.)