Multilateration system High performance positioning on the ground and in the air


Saab delivers cooperative surveillance solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) through the world for airport surface safety and wide area surveillance applications.

Saab multilateration is a field-proven, certified technology that is addressing some of today’s most challenging surveillance scenarios, from airport surface surveillance to off-shore oil platforms.

It uses multiple sensors to determine the precise location and identification of an aircraft or transponder-equipped vehicle.

On the surface, multilateration is providing a cooperative surveillance source that is not available using traditional Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR). Multilateration is also not affected by weather. For wide area surveillance, multilateration is a more economical and/or technologically feasible alternative to traditional radar for providing surveillance coverage where there is typically limited or no radar coverage.

Saab has a proven track record of deployed, certified systems addressing difficult surveillance challenges (both multilateration & ADS-B) such as off-shore oil platforms, mountain valleys and cold and desert locations. Saab multilateration systems usually use fewer sensors than competition for a lower cost, less complex, more efficient solution. Saab multilateration has met the requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration as well as many international Air Navigation Service Providers