Industrial Cooperation

Offsets in the Czech Republic are a tool of economic compensation of the costs the government incurs in connection with the procurement of goods or services through a public procurement contract. Offset projects in the Czech Republic are governed by Directive No. 19/2010 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Industrial cooperation promotes growth for both Saab and our customers

Our commitments within industrial cooperation are long term and built upon the combined value of all our efforts. Therefore it is not only about financial investment and buying goods and services, it is also about finding business opportunities for all parties involved, including our partner companies and subcontractors.

Industrial cooperation enables companies of all sizes to enter into business opportunities that they, in many cases, would not otherwise have done or would have had access to. Industrial cooperation is an element in our customer offer that creates financial leverage for our customer and gives our partners a higher turnover of their products.

We have a proven track record of fulfilling obligations and delivering on our promises – our comprehensive business network is a valuable asset.