Information Security

As a defence and security company, managing information from the standpoint of the need for availability, accuracy, confidentiality and traceability is a given.

Developments in information technology are constantly creating opportunities for new products, higher productivity, more efficient processes and shorter lifecycles. The rapid pace of change is also making societies and companies more vulnerable, in turn creating major security challenges. Threats and risks in information and IT security are highly complex. The effects of an attack can also have significant consequences for critical businesses, critical IT  systems and protection of information.

To take advantage of the opportunities that new information technology offers requires that business and technological development go hand in hand with information and IT security. Information and IT security risks have to be treated in the same way as other business risks. Continuous and systematic information and IT security work is critical for Saab to maintain its competitiveness, profitability and public trust in a challenging market.


In 2015, Saab introduced a comprehensive programme to formulate a new Group information and IT security strategy to meet the security challenges of today and tomorrow. The programme contains a number of projects to determine which assets are most worth protecting, identify threats and vulnerabilities, evaluate risks, and develop action plans to modernise and improve IT security and adapt information security.


Notwithstanding the technical vulnerabilities, people are often the weakest link. To ensure that they handle information in compliance with current laws, all new employees receive extensive security training. As part of the effort to raise employees’ security awareness, Saab added several new training programmes during the year.