AUV62-MR Auv system for Mine Reconaissance

With its modular design, Saab's AUV62-MR offers a level of flexibility that is superior to conventional alternatives such as vessels with a hull-mounted or towed sensor.

As a complete, autonomous system fully equipped for military purposes, the AUV62-MR is the modern choice for Mine Countermeasures (MCM).

By removing men from the minefield, the vehicle provides a safe underwater solution that is capable of adapting to changing threats during naval operations.


Effective reconnaissance and surveillance of underwater areas is crucial to the success of a military invasion by sea. Equipped with cutting-edge information gathering capabilities, such as highly accurate positioning, the AUV62-MR can perform surveillance and reconnaissance of the underwater area immediately after deployment.


Its ability to operate autonomously from a submarine, combined with its inherent long-term endurance capability, enables the AUV62-MR to perform the whole mission covertly.