TactiCall Connect Connect across any wired or wireless IP network


TactiCall Mobile solutions take integrated communication solutions one step further and brings TactiCall to your smartphones, tablets and laptops.

TactiCall Mobile users will be able to communicate with individuals or groups on other mobile devices, user terminals, portable radios and TETRA terminals as well as with users in their remote office environments. Thereby, taking full advantage of new and emerging technologies, such as LTE networks which fully exploit data distribution capabilities and reach.

When using the TactiCall Mobile client, a smartphone will act exactly like a TactiCall operator panel supplying direct access to remote VHF/UHF radio channels, TETRA talk groups, Intercom conferences and telephony systems and even extend these to include data transfer like picture and movie files.

TactiCall Mobile will give you complete and fast control and remote access to all communication networks in your TactiCall system. Just select the communication Net needed and use push to talk (PTT) - no dialling is required.



You will gain an ideal solution for interconnecting highly dispersed organizations like Oil and Gas integrated operations, utilities and other critical communication segments requiring mobility. Utilizing rugged hardware, TactiCall Mobile will even be a highly valid solution for armed forces within all domains.