Terrain awareness in any situation MISSION-ADAPTIVE TAWS

Mission-Adaptive TAWS
Mission-Adaptive TAWS
Multi-mode TAWS - Flight Scanning
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Mission-Adaptive TAWS is an enhanced Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) that provides Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) protection to high performance aircraft operating at high speeds, unusual attitudes, and low altitudes.

When operating in situations where traditional TAWS systems fail and generate nuisance alerts, Mission-AdaptiveTAWS utilizes a high fidelity aircraft performance model to eliminate nuisance alerts and predict how and when to escape from every relevant terrain threat. An intuitive set of symbology makes sure the pilot always knows at a glance, is the terrain a threat and how safe am I.

Key features


  • Real Time High Fidelity Aircraft Performance Model

  • Multiple Advanced Terrain Scanning Modes

  • Escape Commands
  • Intuitive Terrain Margin Symbology

  • Mission-Optimised Terrain Clearance Threshold

Basic Principles


  • Aircraft Specific Operating Envelope
  • Dynamic, High Fidelity Response Model
  • Alerting based on a specific operational envelope and not a air transport generalization