Lean principles

We believe in efficient processes and added value at every stage – from the first concept to the final delivery. Using Lean principles helps us to deliver aerostructures on time and on budget, while our highly automated production lines ensure quality is consistently achieved in every part of  the process.


Composing composites

In recent years we have increased our investment in composites research and development. Our team of experts has been exploring innovative design solutions, prototype methodologies, new tooling concepts and assembly ideas. The knowledge gained from our research has been implemented in a number of real-world solutions for our partners and customers.


Global reach

Through our global supply chain, we have formed strategic partnerships with a number of countries, which gives customers direct access, and reduces risk.


Clean sky

Clean Sky is one of Europe’s largest commercial aircraft research programmes. It aims to make aviation more environmentally friendly and to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and noise emissions from European air traffic by between 20–40 percent by 2020.