To power the development of military life-saving devices This is CBRN Respirator 11A

All over the world, the risks of hazardous chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attacks in military or even civilian scenarios are real and potentially devastating to both people and the environment. Giving the pilot the power he or she needs to detect, neutralize and mitigate invisible threats enhances the protection of the individual pilot, the force on the battlefield and, not least the civilians.

The CBRN Respirator 11A was developed to protect the pilot's face, throat and respiratory system against exposure to CBRN threats. This protection is achieved by covering the areas not normally covered, with materials resistant to CBRN agents. The air is filtered through the aircraft OBOG device, but also through active carbon filters. Positive pressure inside the respirator prevents CBRN substances from penetrating.

This is how it works: