Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT)

Combining your training in both the virtual world and the live one will have a significant impact on your overall training effect. Blended Training stimulates your soldiers brain, body and ability to communicate and manage information. It is an effective way to turn Training into Learning. With Saab’s Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) you will access the most accurate aiming system and the most exact weapon replicas available on the market. A trainer that enables the soldier to master his personal weapon and to interact with his team members in all kinds of complex tactical scenarios.

The Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) provides the perfect safe and controllable precursor to live training. Our well-established live training system then provides the next progressive step in preparing your soldiers for the challenges of operations. Virtual and Live training – we bring you the best of both worlds.

The SAVIT system provides an effective, realistic training of small arms and Anti-Tank weapons firing. SAVIT functions cover all phases of modern firing training, from basic weapon skills theory, marksmanship training up to tactical training.

The Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) is a modular system that can be combined in several configurations depending on customer requirements and training objectives. Main system components are the projection system, training weapons and the instructor station. By using high-resolution and high-speed cameras with the ability to detect laser spots from firing weapons projected on the screen, the system makes it possible to evaluate hit, miss and aiming accuracy. 

The training weapons are modified originals or replicas made to the same weight, dimensions and recoil as the real weapons. Pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, light and heavy machine guns, Anti-armour and anti-tank weapons such as AT4, Carl Gustaf, NLAW and RPG and others can be replicated. The virtual environment provides training in different weather conditions and at any time of day. Tactical training can be performed in groups with trainees equipped with different types of weapons. Sub-groups have the ability to move around independently in the virtual terrain and cooperate with other sub-groups to accomplish their tasks.