The new generation of missile

Modern combat is evolving, as are the demands on equipment and ammunition. It’s not just one side with superior capabilities holding all the power anymore; both sides in any conflict will be utilising advanced equipment, protected by fortified and intelligent infrastructures.

Blowing the competition out of the water

Having evolved from the successful RBS15 MkII, our RBS15 Mk3 goes further and hits harder than any other competitor system; integrating high-tech systems with Saab’s experienced solutions. The RBS15 Mk3 may appear the same as its predecessor, but the functional exterior masks the latest, most cutting-edge technology.

“One key feature of the RBS15 Mk3 is its ultra-low sea skimming technology, which contributes to the missile’s high defence penetration capability. It also combines state-of-the-art navigation equipment with an advanced target seeker that doesn’t rely on data links or target position updates in order to strike the enemy”, says Miguel Svensson, Director Technical Sales Support for RBS15 at Saab´s Business Unit Missile Systems. 

The missile includes a re-attack capability to greatly increase the already high hit probability and the potential of completing the task with far fewer missiles. Additionally, the system’s all-weather capacity makes it completely dependable, robust and ready to use when you need it most; even in the worst weather conditions.


A radical evolution

It may look the same as its predecessor - the MkII - but the RBS15 Mk3 is a whole new missile. The most notable improvement is the range, which has doubled to more than 200 km. It now features a new navigation system and GPS receiver, plus an altimeter update to make it harder to detect and easier to use. With the improved Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM), the missile’s ability to withstand jamming and decoys has also improved.

“RBS15 missiles can be launched from almost any military vessel: from ships and small boats, to trucks and aircrafts. For example, although designed to be used with the Gripen, the RBS15F ER missile can be integrated with any modern fighter, as well as larger aircraft undertaking surveillance roles. With such flexibility, a nation’s armed forces can use their RBS15 missiles in almost any of their military branches”. Miguel Svensson adds.

Designed with the future in mind

Saab has created the RBS15 Mk3’s solid hardware platform so that it can be updated and adapted. Continuous enhancements negate the threat of the missile becoming obsolete over a long period, facilitated by provisioned space for potential technological enhancements.

“Using our expert knowledge of signal processing and guidance, navigation and control, the Mk3’s automatic sea-skimming flight altitude and evasive manoeuvres will continue to offer reliable survivability for years to come. The RBS15 Mk3 is designed with the future in mind”, Miguel concludes.