9LV – The Brain That Handles All Interfaces

Naval forces and maritime organizations require a control and command system that gives them the upper hand and meets all operational needs – regardless of the size of the vessel.

“9LV is the brain that handles all the interfaces and all interaction with operators”, explains Stefan Hedenstedt. “Our solid experience of providing fully integrated systems makes us stand out against competitors.”

Saab’s smallest version of 9LV is a powerful asset at sea and a scalable solution for every type of platform that needs access to the full situation picture and ability to communicate over data links. Typical platforms range from interceptors and patrol boats to large auxiliary and support vessels as well as maritime security vessels of all types. Our solution combines real combat management performance and great capability with a very small footprint.

Integrated tactical datalinks, real data fusion and multi sensor tracking are features normally found in more complex systems reserved for naval vessels with integrated weapon systems such as on corvettes and frigates. Now we are making it available to any participating vessel.

A high level of IT-security and features like central and encrypted storage are other important properties.  As in any 9LV system also our smallest version can interface a variety of sub system, either directly over Ethernet or via dedicated i/o-nodes that converts almost any legacy interface to Ethernet – reducing the need for cabling on board and making the installation easy.

Designation to a weapon system with constant feed of real time track data is a basic feature in 9LV. If weapon control also is required the system can be extended with more sophisticated multifunction consoles and additional cabinets - following all standard safety regulations and making it a full blown 9LV CMS. As even the smallest version of 9LV is built upon a real combat management system infrastructure any add-ons are possible.

With through-life support, quick and affordable upgrades and system coordination across platforms, 9LV systems on all levels combines the latest technological advances with cutting- edge intelligence analysis and situation awareness capability for optimised effect.

A 9LV system provides naval forces and any other maritime organization with outstanding scalable operational capabilities, supporting all mission types, on all types of vessels.

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