TAURUS KEPD 350E Sets A New Standard In Long-Range Precision Attack

Airborne stand-off weapons are defined by their range, lethality and accuracy. To sit at the ‘top table’ when it comes to mission success, a weapon must excel in all three categories. The TAURUS KEPD 350E delivers an unparalleled combination of performance parameters: long range and intelligent flight behaviour, a devastating combination of warhead and fuze technology, plus an extremely accurate and highly redundant guidance system for pin-point attacks.

Added to this, the TAURUS is platform independent. It has been successfully integrated on a wide range of aircraft and there are no technical limitations or security restrictions to stand in the way of future integrations on new aircraft types. The TAURUS KEPD 350E is already in service or available for use on the Panavia TORNADO IDS, Boeing F-18 and F-15. Integration flights with Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab Gripen have also been done.

The TAURUS KEPD 350E has an operational range of more than 500 km, the longest in its class. This gives users great flexibility, and also increases the survivability of the launch platform. The missile can fly safely at low altitude thanks to its excellent navigation system. Complex, low-level flight behaviour coupled with a stealthy airframe design make the missile hard to detect and defend against.

The TAURUS’s tandem warhead system weighs 480 kg. It comprises a shaped pre-charge and penetrator, to defeat hard and deeply buried targets as well as protected, reinforced concrete structures.

The TAURUS is an intelligent stand-off missile with layer-counting and void-sensing fuze. This delays detonation by sensing empty space so the warhead explodes only when it accurately reaches the target.

Because it has a pre-fragmented warhead, the TAURUS can also be programmed to attack area targets like airfields, air defence systems, missile batteries and even ships in harbour.

Unparalleled Navigation

The navigation system of the TAURUS KEPD 350E is one of its most important features. Known as Tri-Tec, it consists of IBN (image-based navigation), TRN (terrain-referenced navigation) and MIL-GPS (Military Global Positioning System), which is supported by INS (Inertial Navigation System).

IBN utilises aerial/satellite image data plus coordinates of specific regions located along its flight route. Once it is launched, the navigation system identifies its current location by scanning the terrain with its IR seeker. It compares the results with the image data and coordinates loaded into the missile before launch.

Most importantly, the TAURUS KEPD 350E will navigate to its target even if one or two of the navigation systems are jammed or made unavailable. The missile is not dependent on GPS, for example, and is capable of accurately adjusting its route-to-target depending on what navigation and target data is available on a specific mission. In this way, a single TAURUS KEPD 350E can accomplish a mission which would require three to four missiles of another type.

The TAURUS KEPD 350E is the product of TAURUS Systems GmbH, a joint venture between Saab AB and MBDA Germany.