It has recently been estimated that the number of operational submarines in the Asia Pacific region will be around 130 vessels by 2020. Piracy attacks continue to increase with 68% of the 134 piracy incidents reported worldwide in the first six months of 2015 occurring in South-East Asia. “The protection of national interests and the ability to contain threats in littoral waters and surrounding seas has never been more prevalent.” Says Richard Hjelmberg, Head of Marketing and Sales, Saab Airborne Surveillance Systems for the Asia Pacific region.

Increasing number of submarines

The projection of substantial submarine activity in South East Asia Pacific is a game-changer, how do you defend the invisible threat? Any nation wanting to protect their borders from intruders and unwanted activities must be able to react quickly, with the ability to detect, track and identify unfriendly submarines. Nature plays it part too; the Asia Pacific region is home to a demanding operating environment with variable depths, high salinity and unpredictable tides and currents. Factor in the high levels of ambient noise polluting the ocean from the surface traffic and you have some of the most difficult condition in which to find a submarine. A combination of the right technology, such as Swordfish MPA, and operational crews who are highly trained to face such conditions, go hand in hand in making the classic game of cat and mouse easier.

Protecting the flows

The Asia Pacific region is synonymous with busy sea lanes which facilitate the high density of commercial flows to and from many of the world’s busiest ports. The scale and volume of goods and energy transportations are gigantic; the consequences if these flows are disrupted are monumental, effectively incapacitating countries ability to function. The geography of the area, with narrow straits causing bottlenecks and long areas of coastlines, further complicates the challenges and threats faced. Piracy, people and narcotics smuggling, advanced super-quiet submarines, border violations and various terror organizations makes it more important than ever to take all the necessary measures possible in order to mitigate such risks.

About the Swordfish MPA System (Maritime Patrol Aircraft)

Saab’s Swordfish is an advanced, multi-role MPA that offers the latest in sensor technology for multiple domain awareness. With finding submarines the cornerstone of its operation, you can be sure that the strategic advantage is on your side. Saab allow the customer to choose the platform that best fits their needs and Swordfish is available on the Bombardier Global 6000 jet aircraft, a potent combination of world-leading aircraft and a MPA system from a company who understands the demands of maritime.

You can rely on Saab’s thinking edge to deliver innovative, effective products and solutions that enhance your capabilities and deliver smarter outcomes.

Learn more about how Swordfish MPA can meet your maritime ISR needs by visiting Saab at IMDEX, stand: P21 or contact Richard Hjelmberg, Head of Sales for Airborne Surveillance in the APAC region.