How well do you know what we do beneath the surface?

Think you know everything there is to know about our underwater operations? Think again. These five facts about our underwater business may surprise you.

We are a world leader for electric-powered Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems

Today we manufacture ROVs for a wide range of professional applications and has led the industry with innovations including brushless DC motor technology for ROV thrusters; polypropylene ROV chassis; and carbon-fibre electronics pods. 

The Seaeye Sabertooth system has been demonstrated at NASA´s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL)


As part of a symposium, Sabertooth was unleashed in the NBL’s massive 23.5-million-litre tank in Houston, Texas. The demonstration showed that the ROV could be manually controlled via an underwater optical communications link. It also showed that without physical contact, Sabertooth could transmit data and video through the water – something that has never been demonstrated before. Cool, right? 

We have our ROV test facility


Developing advanced underwater systems requires unique testing facilities. One of our most advanced one is located in Motala, Sweden, on the banks of Lake Vättern. The lake contains a nine-kilometre test track, while on land there are facilities for engine testing and simulating conditions at depths of up to 1500 metres. 

Our ROVs are in use in 70 countries

Since we sold our first ever ROV in 1976 (a Saab sub that went to Switzerland), we have worked steadily to improve our capabilities and applications. We now sell ROVs across the United States, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and Australia. Customers include both military and civilian operations who appreciate the modularity and scalability of our ROV systems. 

Our underwater solutions played a key role in Unmanned Warrior 2016

The British Ministry of Defence last year ran Joint Warrior, a multinational military exercise off the coast of Scotland. An important part was Unmanned Warrior – two weeks of exercises and trials involving maritime autonomous systems. We actually made a contribution (some say major) with our AUV62-AT submarine warfare target system and the Sea Wasp ROV system, developed for detection and disposal of underwater IEDs. The presence of AUV62-AT ensured that the anti-submarine phase could go ahead.

Five things you did not know about. Or did you?