Securing Malaysia with Saab’s Automatic Warning & Reporting System

In the present scenario there is an immense threat emanating from within the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) environment. It is an absolute necessity to have the capability of timely detection of any such agents in order to take preventive action as soon as possible, both in conflict areas and the civil environments. The Saab CBRN AWR system enables automatic warning and reporting in case of CBRN events. The system can be easily adapted to Malaysian conditions for the armed forces, civil security and disaster management teams.

The Saab Automatic Warning and Reporting System, consisting of both hardware and software, is designed to provide an early warning to units and personnel. The AWR sensor platforms, which can be portable, stand-alone or mounted on vehicles or buildings, are adaptable and hold various sensors depending on customer requirements. The sensor nodes and alarm units are designed for military use in harsh environments, being robust, weather proof, EMC protected and shielded against HPM. The AWR software can be installed at headquarters, camps and vehicles, as well as, on hand-held computers, that require the ability to receive warnings and reports regarding the existence of dangerous substances in the area. The AWR system supports international standards like ADatP-3 and JC3IEDM in order to exchange warnings and reports with other coalition forces.

The Deployed Area Detection node only requires a power and communications connection to work. It can be easily mounted on a vehicle for reconnaissance, re-mounted on a different vehicle, should the situation require it, or simply be placed near a building for surveillance. The Sensor Platform works autonomously and automatically reports any events through TCP/IP. As the solution is fully modular, the Sensor Platform may be equipped with any combination of sensors, provided they can fit inside the container. The Deployed Area Detection node is transported in two cases and can also be equipped with an alarm unit that’s provide visual and/or audio/voice alerts.

The Recce Area Detection is the platform for a complete first responder unit carrying CBRN specialists. It is a light vehicle intended primarily for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The vehicle itself carries active detection equipment, enabling the users to monitor the outside air from their workstations and detect threats without having to expose themselves to danger. The vehicle is equipped with protective suits, masks and detection instruments for its crew, enabling them to work in a contaminated area. Once a threat has been discovered, the vehicle carries equipment capable of substance identification with GC-MS, PCR and FTIR techniques. The CBRN vehicle also carries decontamination equipment, for safe decontamination of personnel after a completed mission.