Saab’s Carl Gustaf can bring unbeatable edge for Malaysia’s defence

Saab offers Ground Combat Systems with unmatched fire power for the Malaysian armed forces. Having undergone continuous improvements in terms of weight, range, accuracy and effect, Saab’s Ground Combat Systems are most optimized to give even dismounted troops the ability to have maximum firepower. Given the heightened security context and increase in low level threats, even from non-state actors, the tailor made defence and security solutions for Asia Pacific from Saab make the best bet for Malaysia.

The contemporary weapon systems have been designed for busting tanks, holding positions and taking ground but they are so heavy-weight for the troops that they are forced away from using it. Saab’s Carl Gustaf resolves this challenge for Malaysian army which may have operational requirements in both urban and strategically more demanding battle environments. Saab’s Carl Gustaf, AT4 and NLAW weapons systems along with several others can enable a modern fighting force to become light, lethal and wired to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century.

The first imperative for land forces in developing a combat strategy is to ensure coherence between battle space, security dynamics and cost for waging the battle. Saab is known for supplying not just advanced military and defence equipment to the world but also ensuring that the costs involved are low. Saab provides full support and ensures that the life cycle cost of its products and solutions are not a burden on the stakeholder’s pockets.

“We have a range of smart Ground Combat products that work at par in all environments with relatively short time required for training, We particularly take great pride in the amount of firepower that our systems enable. The new Carl-Gustaf M4 has been developed in response to our customers’ needs for tomorrow. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the next evolutionary step in the development of Saab’s multi-role, portable weapon systems. It can be deployed in any combat environment to effectively dictate the outcome of each engagement,” says Rolf Michel, Director, Business Management, Ground Combat Systems, Saab.

Saab has been in Malaysia for 40 years supplying the Malaysian Armed Forces with high-performance, cost-efficient defence systems such as navy and army radar systems, airborne self-protection systems for fighters, naval command and control systems and army support weapons including anti-tank weapons. 


The shoulder-fired weapon system Carl-Gustaf is one of the flagships of Saab product family.  The system has a long and successful history, and is today in use in more than 40 countries worldwide. This includes a number of countries in Asia Pacific, including India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia. The system offers the soldier various types of ammunition, ranging from armour penetration and anti-personnel to ammunition for built-up areas, as well as special features like smoke and illumination.

Through its wide variety of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf has made advances as the main weapon of Special Forces. Today there is an ammunition type optimized for almost every combat situation.

Saab’s lightweight Carl Gustaf M4 introduced recently to the market has all the flexibility and lethality of previous Carl Gustaf variants. However, thanks to far-reaching design changes and improvements it now weighs less than 7 kg, delivering a significant improvement in soldier mobility. The M4 is also compatible with future battlefield technology such as intelligent sighting systems for programmable ammunition.

As with all versions of the Carl-Gustaf, the latest M4 provides a capable, flexible and easy-to-master solution for current and new customers. Saab’s design philosophy ensures the effective use of the system when it matters most.


The AT4 systems product range includes Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure & Breaching.  All of these products can come with fire from confined spaces capabilities.

In September 2014, two brand new AT4 capabilities were demonstrated.

The AT4CS ER takes the well-proven anti-armour capability of the AT4CS (Confined Space) and extends its effective range to 600 m. The AT4CS HE will provide the soldier with a direct-fire support capability capable of engaging enemy troops in air-burst or impact mode out to a distance of 1,000 m. The two new capabilities are in its final stage of development and customer contracts have been signed.

Important new capabilities developed by Saab for its AT4 deliver extended range (ER) performance and improved high explosive (HE) effects. With an AT4, any soldier can now defeat more targets with greater flexibility and in many more scenarios.  

 “These new members of our AT4 family further expand the great versatility of the weapon and emphasise its position as the leading disposable shoulder-launched support weapon on the market,” says Michel.


NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon) is the latest shoulder-launched, Overfly Top Attack, anti-tank missile system that makes it the true tank killer for light forces that operate dismounted in all environments including built up areas.

Selectable Overfly Top Attack (OTA) against armoured targets and Direct Attack (DA) against non armoured targets such as other vehicles and vessels or enemy troops inside buildings. PLOS (Predicted Line Of Sight) guidance and OTA delivers easy handling, accuracy and high kill probability.