Saab Has The Right Answers To Malaysia’s Strategic Questions

Ahead of DSA 2016 we speak to Thomas Linden, Head of Saab Malaysia, about his expectations for the event and what Saab has on offer there.

Is DSA an important event for Saab?

Yes. We always look forward to DSA. It is a great venue for meaningful discussions with our stakeholders from Malaysia and across the region -- as well as an opportunity to meet the people of Malaysia and show them everything that Saab can do.

What can we expect to see from Saab at DSA2016?

At DSA2016 you will see the full range of capabilities that our cutting edge technologies deliver. We will showcase the success of current Saab programmes in Asia Pacific and demonstrate Saab’s long-standing commitment to the region.

We will display a full spectrum of systems covering the air, surface, land and coastal security domains; systems that give the Malaysia’s armed forces complete command over the country, and its security.

These include the Gripen fighter, along with the Gripen cockpit simulator, and the Saab 340MSA maritime surveillance aircraft. Our very latest solutions in airborne surveillance will be on show. We have the Swordfish advanced maritime patrol aircraft and the GlobalEye multi-role surveillance system that incorporates the latest generation of Saab’s Erieye radar system. Swordfish and GlobalEye are brand-new innovations from Saab that could almost have been purpose-built for customers in this region. There is nothing else like them out on the market.  

Other key Saab products at DSA2016 include land weapon systems such as the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb, MAPAM mortar, Carl-Gustaf M4 and M3 and the AT4 family. In underwater systems we have the Sea Eagle and AUV 62MR, plus solutions in signature management, virtual training, self protection systems, force protection and, of course, the RBS15 MK3 surface-to-surface missile.

What programmes of the Malaysian Armed Forces is Saab interested in?

Together with our strategic partner DRB-HICOM, we are offering both the Erieye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system and the Gripen fighter to the Royal Malaysian Air Force. With Gripen we have proposed a cost-efficient, affordable, full capability lease solution without restrictions or commitments for future acquisition. This is a completely tailored solution endorsed by the Swedish Government fulfilling all RMAF requirements, and giving immediate in-country flight operations for RMAF pilots. It is an unbeatable solution for the defence of Malaysia and the long-term security of the nation

We are also offering several different systems to the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and the Malaysian Army.

How does the Gripen fighter system fit Malaysia’s requirements?

With Gripen, Saab can deliver a complete air defence package to Malaysia to overcome with the complex threat scenarios that Malaysia’s air force faces, now and for the rest of the 21st Century. The Royal Malaysian Air Force has multiple roles in defending its airspace, policing borders, tracking and countering terrorism, piracy and dealing with new emerging threats. The RMAF seeks an aircraft with  high availability, superior capability and a comprehensive multi-role ability. Gripen is that aircraft.

As the experience of the Royal Thai Air Force has shown, Gripen is ideal for countries in this region. It is at the cutting edge of technology, a true national asset that will remain effective and affordable throughout its entire operational lifetime. Saab is the perfect partner for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. We have a proven, unrivalled track record of delivering industrial co-operation programmes that are tailor-made to customers’ strategic priorities.

What is Saab’s proposition for Malaysia’s AEW&C requirements?

Malaysia is looking for airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) and surveillance systems that deliver effective surveillance over diverse topographies, across land and sea. The need for persistent and reliable surveillance in Malaysia is increasing all the time as new security challenges emerge. To address this, Saab has presented the case for the Erieye AEW&C to the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Erieye’s radar performance will give Malaysia full control not only of its military and civilian airspace but also all activity out at sea, including fishery, illegal immigration, pollution, smuggling, piracy and also protection of oil and gas installations.

Saab’s Erieye is the first high-performance, long-range (AEW&C) system based on active, phased-array pulse-Doppler radar. The truly multi-role Erieye radar detects and automatically tracks all air and surface targets over a huge area, extending over 900 km. It can track the smallest of objects, such as cruise missiles and jet-skis, even among heavy clutter and in jamming environments.

Like the Gripen fighter, Erieye is a smart solution for Malaysia, delivering superior capabilities that will stay relevant and effective for decades to come.