The Vessel’s brain

Saab’s combat management system 9LV for maritime applications has been delivered to more than 230 vessels throughout the world.

A combat management system is the brain and nervous system that links together all subsystems on a vessel. It manages the entire management cycle using the model known as the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop. The system draws external information from different sensors to create an image of a situation. Operators decide on a response with the support of the system, which then allows them to take the right type of action at the right time.

The world-leading 9LV system has been available for more than 40 years and, thanks to continuous development work, it has been adapted to many new conditions.

“We have delivered more than 230 systems since the 1970s. Today’s 9LV has everything required by a complete combat system,” says Thomas Kloos, Head of Combat Systems and C4I Solutions business unit at Saab.

There may be as many as 20–30 subsystems in a frigate, for example. The heart of the system is the user interface, a multifunctional console. Different personnel can log in and obtain the user view that is appropriate for their particular role.

Customers consist of both end users and shipyards, but they may also be other system integrators. Saab has a particularly strong position in the Middle East, Sweden, Australia, Thailand and Canada.