Saab Maritime Systems: Helping Safeguard India’s Waters

The global security scenario has undergone major evolution in the last few years. In today’s world, India’s Navy and Coastguard play a much bigger role than ever before. India’s growing economic stature has added urgency to the necessity of maintaining a safe and secure environment for shipping, and managing responses to natural calamities, ship accidents, oil spills, terrorism and military threats.


Saab’s maritime portfolio can provide Naval and Coast Guard Forces complete command over the sea, and covers the air, surface, sub-surface and maritime surveillance domains. Saab’s acquisition of Kockums in 2014 added to our portfolio world-class, leading-edge naval platform technology. Saab Kockums designs, builds and maintains naval submarines, surface vessels and unmanned surface vessels for minesweeping. The stealth capabilities of Saab’s Gotland Class submarines and Visby Class Corvettes have been internationally recognised.

Saab can support India’s operational needs with solutions for:

  • Surface and sub-surface marine platform design & construction

  • Surface, anti-submarine and air warfare (Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Decision Support, Precision Engagement, Force Protection)

  • Mine Warfare (Mine Reconnaissance, Mine Hunting, Mine Countermeasures)

  • Maritime Surveillance (Maritime Patrol/support aircraft suitably equipped for surveillance and SAR) and Coastal & Harbour Security

    Saab has supplied the National Automatic Identification System (NAIS) Network, one of the largest national AIS-based coastal surveillance systems ever to be deployed, to India. We have also supplied Vessel Traffic Management systems to ONGC and the Gulf of Kutch.

    Saab’s 9LV solutions, which offer complete C4I, have been provided to leading navies around the world, with deliveries being completed to more than 230 ships.

By removing men from the minefield, Saab’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV-62 MR provides a safe underwater solution that is capable of adapting to changing threats during naval operations. AUV-62 MR can perform surveillance and reconnaissance of the underwater area immediately after deployment. It can perform a whole mission covertly as it operates autonomously from a submarine.

Saab’s Double Eagle SAROV features autonomous operation and underwater docking capability, and hence can be operated both with and without a tether. The SAROV vehicle comes in two main configurations, mine reconnaissance – performed both remotely and autonomously - and mine disposal.

Saab’s RBS15 Mk3 represents the latest generation of advanced surface-to-surface missile systems. Designed to operate in a diverse range of scenarios, it outclasses its competitors with a range of more than 200 km and an unbeatable defence penetration. “With today’s technology we can control many aspects of the battlefield. Unfortunately, the weather is still not one of them. Since a battle might take place at any time, in any weather and in any condition, missile systems cannot be dependent on fair weather. Over long distances, the weather may vary greatly so a missile designed for use in the littoral environment, like the RBS15 Mk3, needs to be insensitive to changing weather conditions. The missile’s target seeker needs to be capable enough to find its target even in adverse weather. For this reason, an active radar target seeker is necessary, as it is not negatively affected by the atmosphere or the water in it, like infra-red target seekers,” says Jan Widerström.

The RBS15 Mk3 system is contracted by leading navies in international competition and in production and under delivery to Sweden, Germany and Poland.

Saab’s TactiCall connects different communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware, thus eliminating the need for multiple, often bulky, user interfaces cluttering control rooms and reducing efficiency, overview and speed of operation.

Saab’s objective is to bring these technologies to India in partnership with Indian companies – in line with our vision of Teaming Up with India.