Smarter Airport Operations

We supply airport operators with the critical systems they need to run a smooth operation and make the most of their resources.

CDM & Surface Management

Saab's Aerobahn CDM Suite enables stakeholders to work together more effectively by sharing data and providing advanced decision support and visualization tools. Its modular architecture handles any CDM concept, including Airport CDM (A-CDM), Surface CDM, and other variants.

Network Management

Saab's Aerobahn Global Flight Manager helps airport operators better understand the conditions of the flight network impacting their airport. Its advanced processing algorithms identify diversions and airborne holds so that plans can be made more proactively.

Digital Ramp Towers

Saab's Digital Ramp Towers are an alternative to traditional towers that replace the out-of-the-window view with high definition video displays. With lower costs, enhanced visuals, and the opportunity to centralize personnel, they open up revolutionary new possibilities for ramp/apron management.


For airport operators that want to improve safety and increase capacity, Saab offers both cooperative and non-cooperative surveillance sensors for aircraft and ground vehicles.

Airport Security

Saab’s SAFE is a complete command and control solution that covers all the security needs of an airport, from perimeter protection to luggage surveillance. It combines all airport video sources into a common situational picture which is augmented with an array of resource management tools.

Terminal Information Systems

Measuring and sharing accurate terminal information is a key safety element and pilot service. Saab's ATIS and AWOS systems are deployed around the world and are a valuable addition to any airport.