How do you manage an airport's entire traffic flow coherently?

Air traffic controllers around the world rely on Saab’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) Automation solutions to optimise safety and efficiency. Our integrated ATC Suite is a modular and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates into airports of all sizes. By upgrading and consolidating existing systems, Saab can provide airports with the most advanced technology, allowing them to respond to any challenge.

Air traffic control (ATC) towers often have large numbers of independent systems that do not share information between them, or with the other systems or stakeholders involved. This may result in air traffic controllers having a limited view of the operational situation and means that they may be forced to rely on constant, inefficient verbal communication. This type of disparity of the systems in the tower leads to reduced efficiency and increased operating costs.

- In today’s increasingly complex environment, air navigation service providers and airport operators need tools to help them manage airport traffic flow in an efficient and safe way, says Kenneth Maum, Business Development Saab Air Traffic Management. Our ATC automation solutions can help ensure predictability, punctuality, and the best use of airport capacity under all conditions.

Saab’s Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS) is a flexible, scalable solution for providing tower and approach controllers with a comprehensive set of automation tools to manage operations safely and efficiently. The integrated solution comprises air and ground surveillance and safety nets, integrates flight data, manages controller workflows, and integrates various types of environmental systems such as weather or airfield lighting into a standardised working position. Saab’s tools can be deployed together or independently and third-party tools can also be easily integrated. An example deployment of the Saab‘s integrated system could include Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SGMCS)  with aircraft routing and guidance, airfield ground lighting control and monitoring, electronic flight strips, a large array of multilateration sensors and a SR-3 Surface Movement Radar.

Saab’s solution is proven, low-risk, and can improve airports’ operational efficiency. It complies with the latest standards, allows users to automate their tower, approach workflows, and integrates tower systems into a streamlined working position.  The solution is based on Saab’s expertise in all aspects of the air traffic control tower, with years of experience developing and delivering reliable airport surface safety, traffic flow management and collaborative decision mating (CDM) solutions.


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