Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB, Truly Versatile Multi-Mission Radar

Air Surveillance, Coastal Surveillance, Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) target acquisition and weapons cueing, Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortars (C-RAM) Sense and Warn and launch point indication, Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) surveillance and target classification, the GIRAFFE AMB does it all with an unprecedented track record of achieved operational availability.

Based on the sound foundation of a flexible sensor architecture allowing technology insertion, very high stability microwave components and modular command post functions in a 20 ft ISO cabin with mast-mounted antenna and on-board generator, the GIRAFFE AMB has continuously been evolved to meet the emerging threats.

The latest advancements include an Enhanced Low, Slow and Small (ELSS) target detection and classification function that allows detection and tracking of mini and micro UAVs and discrimination of the man-made small aerial vehicles from birds and other clutter. The ELSS function was tested at the recent Bristow 15 C-UAS trial in Scotland,hosted by the UK MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). The GIRAFFE AMB with the latest sensor build standard and the additional ELSS function demonstrated superior performance, not only for detecting the small UAS at 10 km or more but also continuous tracking and high probability classification once detected. The false alarm rate was kept low in a challenging environment with land and sea clutter, hundreds of birds and wind turbines. A salient feature of the GIRAFFE AMB in this role is that it maintains its ‘normal’ air surveillance capacity out to 120 km range whilst detecting the small UAS at much shorter range. Also the C-RAM capabilities are maintained in parallel, providing a true multi-mission sensor system.

The laws of physics do still apply, to detect a micro UAS with a radar cross section of 0.001 m2 at 10km, it takes a radar that detects a loaded fighter aircraft at 100 km. A smaller radar designed to detect fighter aircraft or men or a vehicle at 20 or 30 km will not have the power to detect the microUAV at more than a couple of kilometres, limiting early warning and limiting the possible protected area.

The maturity of the GIRAFFE AMB with ELSS allowed not only sensor trials at Bristow 15 but also system of systems integration trials with a high-quality Infra-Red Camera on a mount that was automatically cued to the UAS positions in air indicated by the GIRAFFE AMB, confirming the target classification and enabling prosecution options.

The highly mobile GIRAFFE AMB with simultaneous Air Surveillance capability, Coastal Surveillance capability, C-UAS capability and C-RAM Sense & Warn capability is a powerful andvery versatile additional asset to enhance or supplement existing surveillance and defence systems on special occasions or enduring at special locations or as a gap-filler should some other capability suddenly become unavailable. Proven during for example operations in Afghanistan, at the London Olympics and at other protected objects in high-threat areas the GIRAFFE AMB has multiple times shown to be a valuable asset.