Saab’s Arthur: Freedom To Manoeuvre And The Power Of Awareness

Saab has successfully partnered Korea in a number of programs over the past ten years. One of the very successful programs is the weapon locating system ARTHUR.

Enemy artillery fire is the single greatest threat to military operations. Saab’s world class ARTHUR system offers freedom to manoeuvre and the power to take out the enemy artillery in an early stage.  The Arthur Weapon Locating System can today accurately pin point the location of enemy artillery up to a range of 60km, and with the planned future capability growth even further.

Over the past decade, Saab has established its credentials in the Korean market across a number of programs which, in turn, has led to follow on orders and deeper engagement. This is in line with the company’s approach to co-develop defence technology with domestic industry which has been successfully implemented through its industrial cooperation programs. Further, Korea appreciates Saab’s willingness to share cutting edge technology. This makes the company potential partners for programs such as the KFX program, the fighter aircraft radar programmes as well as in missile development programs.


Saab provides Korea with the weapon locating system ARTHUR through orders placed by Korean Government and LIG Nex1 which is the local prime contractor towards Korean Government.

ARTHUR is a standalone C-band weapon-locating system that detects and locates enemy artillery fire. It utilises a passive phased-array antenna technology for optimised battlefield performance. The technology provides the perfect balance between mobility, range, accuracy, ECCM (Electronic counter-countermeasures), operational availability and operational cost.

Proven operational availability

·    Comprehensive built-in test and high degree of automation

·    Man-machine interface developed with extensive user co-operation and feedback

·    Mean Time Between Critical Failure (MTBCF) > 1,800 hours

·    The system is made for counter-battery operations, adjustment of own fire and force protection by suppressing enemy rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM), but can also do other tasks required on the battle field, such as contribute to the intelligence picture and register fire breaching agreements in a stability operation.

For training purposes at full-size exercises, Arthur has a built-in simulator that creates realistic scenarios. At base, training can be done with a Classroom Trainer (CLT) able to create large scenarios, in the current area of operation, involving three or more radars.

Enemy artillery fire is the greatest threat to operations. ARTHUR provides accurate location of artillery weapons within a 60 km range, enabling timely and accurate counter-battery fire.

The system is highly mobile and provides support even in high tempo operations, with an unmatched battle proven operational availability in all environments.

Saab has developed a flexible system for Logistical Support. Saab provides end-to-end support, from delivery via training and Combat Operations, to system phase-out. The Logistic Support System is tailored to suit each customer, based on national policies and needs.

Ready for action in less than two minutes, ARTHUR provides unique flexibility in any situation. Highly reliable and battle proven, ARTHUR meets the requirements of every high tempo land warfare scenario.