New Carl Gustaf M4 – Smart Just Got Smarter

Saab will be delivering new Carl-Gustaf M4 system to the armed forces of the Slovak Republic during 2016. The Carl Gustaf M4, known in the U.S. as M3A1 MAAWS, is the latest man-portable shoulder-launched multi-role weapon system from Saab.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 made its market debut in late 2014 and has already caught the attention of military decision makers world over. In addition to Slovakia, the Carl-Gustaf M4 system have been acquired by two other undisclosed countries for evaluation/qualification purposes. Görgen Johansson, head of Saab business area Dynamics, says that for Saab and for business area Dynamics this is further proof of Saab’s ability to offer world-leading solutions to customers. It has all the effectiveness and versatility of the proven Carl-Gustaf system but its improved, lightweight design (weighing only about 7 kg) offers significant mobility improvements to the soldier. The M4 also compatible with future battlefield technology developments such as intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition. With a wide variety of munitions available, it is a weapon system capable of handling multiple tactical situations, bridging the gap between full scale operations and low intensity conflicts, and providing the modern warfighter with unprecedented flexibility and capability on the battlefield. Saab’s Carl-Gustaf system has a long and distinguished service history all around the world. It has been successively modernised and enhanced to meet the changing requirements of its users. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest version of the portable, shoulder-launched, multi-role weapon system. It gives users a wide range of engagement options and allows troops to remain agile and effective in any scenario. It builds on the system’s formidable capabilities, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations. It is known for devastating behind-armour effects and airburst capability. It is highly usable, combat-proven, easy to operate, easy to train, reloadable and rugged. There is complete compatibility between older versions of the launcher with new munitions types and vice versa.

For training activities, Carl-Gustaf offers sub-calibre trainers, full-calibre practice rounds and simulators to meet different training objectives such as gunnery training and combat training. A cost effective training solution can be tailorised. One of the strongest points of Saab’s Ground Combat Systems is the amount of firepower the systems allow for any given platoon load out. This is especially useful for troops working out of range of indirect fire support. Another feature of Saab’s systems which is very much appreciated is the fact that one can train on every step from basic gunnery skills all the way up to large-scale force-on-force engagements, with great accuracy. Add to this the fact that all of Saab’s shoulder-launched systems – even the Carl-Gustaf M3 with the latest ammunition – have inherent Confined Space capabilities. The new generation Carl Gustaf is a further development of today's widely deployed Carl Gustaf M3. The M3 version has long been in service, amongst others, with the U.S. Army Rangers and has been employed by every U.S. Special Operations Force in the U.S. military. More recently, it has also been adopted for use by the U.S. Army Infantry with initial fielding priority given to Light Infantry units. Saab sees great potential for all its ground combat systems in the coming years, not least for the new Carl Gustaf which is already attracting a high level of interest. Improved versions of Saab's capable AT4 weapon are also under development; promising even greater benefit for users of those systems. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the logical next step for users who already have great experience and confidence with the Carl Gustaf system. And development does not stop here. Future complementary improvements to this new formidable system will include development of smart programmable ammunition, advanced sighting systems, and expanded confined space capabilities. The new Carl Gustaf – Smart just got Smarter.