Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB Radar Systems – Multi-Mission Force Protection

In land-combat and asymmetric warfare situations, decisions and actions based on real-time information are critical. Every second is vital in gaining an information advantage that enables information superiority. Sensors are important components in the information structure, providing control of the situation.

Saab's radar technology is at the very forefront of providing control of situation based on real-time information. With the high-performing GIRAFFE range of radar systems, Saab offers its world class outstanding capabilities to Thailand.

From Saab’s family of radars, ERIEYE, GIRAFFE 180 and GIRAFFE 40 are already operational with Royal Thai Airforce and Sea GIRAFFE AMB, Sea GIRAFFE AMB ER and ARTHUR are contracted but not yet operational.

According to Per Jakobsson, Director Marketing and Sales, “The GIRAFFE AMB high sensor performance and wide range of command and control functions makes it the best choice for tactical air surveillance, mobile air space management and ground-based air defence from MANPADS to medium range SAM systems as well as for coastal surveillance and coastal defence with surface-to-surface anti-ship missile systems. To address diverse internal and external asymmetrical security challenges on all fronts – land, air and maritime –continuous monitoring and surveillance is required. The battle proven designs of Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB, ERIEYE (AEW) and ARTHUR radar systems can enable Thai forces to virtually look into the future. Apart from our attractive products we have a very strong argument in our local partner Avia Satcom that gives a much stronger local footprint with a very good understanding of the user’s needs, strong local support and local adaptions and integration”

A Weapon Location function gives GIRAFFE AMB capability to detect, track, classify and accurately determine the impact position and the origin of enemy indirect fires, especially rockets and mortars. This function has been used successfully and saved lives among our customer personnel.

GIRAFFE AMB builds on the same concept of high mobility and easy operation as earlier generations of GIRAFFE radars. This includes uncompromising features for an unparalleled 3D target update rate combined with high altitude coverage and monopulse accuracy in elevation, modern open-architecture processing for easy integration into GBAD weapon systems or net centric defence architectures, military air traffic control, high strategic mobility and survivability on the battlefield. GIRAFFE AMB ensures simultaneous automatic air surveillance and tracking, which includes tracking-on-jam with multiple reception beams, automatic surface surveillance and tracking, automatic weapon and impact location.

For rapid surveillance of the entire airspace, GIRAFFE AMB is a powerful and cost-effective 3D surveillance radar system intended for short and medium-range air defence systems. In addition it can also warn of incoming rocket, artillery and mortar rounds. The agile multi-beam function scans the entire search volume to 70° in every single scan with a scan rate of 60 rpm. The GIRAFFE AMB system is completely contained in a standard 20" ISO container. The deployment time is 5 minutes.

The GIRAFFE AMB functionality, with a wide transmitting lobe in elevation and multiple simultaneous receivers in parallel, is the key for the rapid detection over the entire search volume. The advanced signal processing makes it possible to detect very small targets, such as artillery rounds at tactically relevant ranges.

The GIRAFFE AMB system, with its 12-metre antenna mast and excellent MTI and ECCM performance, gives full volumetric target searching and tracking of more than 200 air targets and 50 jammers. By simultaneously processing returns from the multiple, digitally shaped, narrow beams in elevation, an unparalleled 3D target update rate is combined with the high-altitude coverage and accurate 3D target-information for all targets in the search volume.

The performance in terms of coverage, capacity, accuracy and low latency makes GIRAFFE AMB suitable for easy integration into a wide range of ground based air defence weapon system which include medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM), extended short-range air defence (Extended SHORAD), short-range air defence (SHORAD), very short-range air defence(VSHORAD), counter rockets, artillery and mortars (C-RAM).

For use in coastal surveillance and coastal defence applications GIRAFFE AMB is equipped with a separate, dedicated surface channel for the surface surveillance of coastal waters. The surface channel operates in parallel with the air-surveillance channel. The channel has a large dynamic receiver range and separate gain and Sensitive Time Control(STC) controls. GIRAFFE AMB detects and tracks small and large ships close to islands as well as close to each other. The detection, tracking initiation and tracking of targets is fully automated with possibilities for operator correction. Digital maps are built into the radar for elimination of clutter from land and fixed objects.